#ExcuseMeWhatIsThis: The Brass Pour-Over Stand

The fourth in our series #ExcuseMeWhatIsThis, in which we demystify some of the most asked-about items in the shop. Consider yourself decor-educated! 


With its gleaming glass grooves and handsome silhouette, it strikes quite the pose on our shop’s shelves. Gorgeous, but what’s it for? visitors ask. Cocktails? Serving candy? Decanting wine?


The answer: Coffee. For folks who like a classic drip style, our pour-over stand is simply the prettiest, easiest way to brew your morning cup—and it looks like a million bucks on the countertop the rest of the day, too.

Crafted in brass with an American walnut base, our stand includes a cut-glass pour-over vessel, the Hario V60, and a starter pack of filters. (As many coffee snobs will attest, Japanese brand Hario produces the crème de la crème of pour-over coffee accessories.)

It’s also height-adjustable, in case you’re brewing into a tall commuter mug or iced-coffee glass. Over time, the brass will develop a rich patina (but can be polished  if you prefer a bright shine).


A close-up of the Clerk brass pour-over stand.


To brew, place a paper filter in the glass cone and add freshly ground coffee—you can experiment with volumes, but we like 20g coffee for an 10-ounce cup.

Next, “bloom” the grounds: Gently pour a small amount of boiling water over the coffee in a circular motion, then stop. This step allows the grounds to soak up the initial moisture, helping them release more flavor into your brew.

After 30 seconds, resume pouring in circles, taking care to pour water onto the grounds only, not the paper filter. Pause as needed to ensure you don’t overflow the cup; you’ll nail the liquid volume with practice.

That’s it—a simple morning ritual that takes barely more time than loading a plastic coffee pod, and produces a far more flavorful brew. (Less waste, too.)  



Check out our recent reel of the stand in action. Intrigued? Shop our Brass Pour-Over Stands and other kitchen classics here.