An Ode to Bistro Glassware

When we started Monroe, we conceived our assortment as “an ever-changing mix of beautifully useful things”—meaning we’d constantly be refreshing our selection with new items.

But we knew there were a few items that we’d just HAVE to stock forever. Like a pair of perfect-fitting jeans, you need versatile, classic and indispensable pieces that balance the trendy and new.

Cue our now-bestselling bistro tumblers. The same stackable glassware you’ll find in every Parisian brasserie, the design was conceived in 1954, and they've been a favorite for everything from hot coffee to cool cocktails ever since.



Thanks to a glassmaking method developed in 1930, the glasses are exceedingly impact-resistant, making them a great choice for homes with kids. In fact, they are the drinkware of choice in many Parisian nursery schools, where children are taught how to drink out of real glassware, not plastic.


Duralex French Bistro Glassware

Brasserie style at home.

While these classics come in a multitude of sizes, we've stocked them in our three favorite (unsurprisingly, the three sizes owner Donna keeps at home). The big ones hold 12.75 ounces and are perfect for water, iced tea, or smoothies. The mid size is our workhorse, great for a big latte or a yogurt parfait. The little ones are ideal for fresh-squeezed juice, a double espresso, or if you take a cue from the French, unfussy table wines.


Vintage Bowie + vintage bistro glassware = Cool beyond cool.

Come summer. or winter, you'll find us sipping sparkling water, tea, or Old Fashioned cocktails out of our glasses. Want your own? Create your own collection here